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We care about furkids’ pure happiness

Natural diet and health are closely intertwined. Dogs and Cats are no different from people.

Dog/cat food is like high-calorie dry grain, which provides enough energies, but is not able to satisfy satiety! Moreover, it is simply an over-processed unnatural diet. Dogs and cats are not economic animals for us to go after a feed conversion rate, they should have a better choice of foods!  

Brand concepts

Natural Food Sources

Natural Food SourcesAbsolutely no artificial preservatives and chemical additives in our recipes. Real food for our furry kids for a real sense of gratification

Balance of the Five Elements

Integrating the principles of five-element and five-color balance dietary into our recipes. Suitable for most furry kids’ body constitutions.

Produced in Taiwan

Ingredients mainly sourced domestically (from Taiwan).
Encouragement for local farmers who grow with conscience and heart on our soil.

The concept of environmental protection V.S. environment friendly 

Means that when we prioritize local products, we can reduce CO2 emissions from transportation, making products more environment friendly.

Open and Eat – the safest choice

Open the package and eat, preserving nutrients and taste!

Unopen packages kept in room temperature will keep for up to 18 months. No need for refrigeration or freezing.

Effectively reduced risk of exposure to infection because of variation in temperature control in transportation or storage environment.

Consume with ease is our responsibility

What we have to achieve is to produce a safe product that even we, as human beings, can be rest assured when trying it. With no restructured meat products and chemical additives.

*Manufactures implemented with HACCP system and ISO certified.

*All products are human grade and pass safety tests certified by a third-party.

*Our products are protected by product liability insurance.

Charity work and Natural10 are inseparable

The decease of our dog, brought forth a spiritual journey of love and care. We care about animals protection, support charity work, and devote ourselves among the ranks of volunteer lecturers, hoping that through promoting the power of education. We are able to solve the problem of stray animals from the source!

Order online or check the nearest stores

We provide home delivery or pick-ups at any FamilyMart convenience store, Order will arrive the next day at the earliest. To receive membership benefits, be sure to check whether you've logged in before you place an order!

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You can also make a purchase at our brick-and-mortar store, Where Natural10 is offered, Fresh and convenient, just like it is freshly made!

Contact Us

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Customer Service: service@natural10.com.tw 

Customer Service Hotline:+886 2 2790 7883
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