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Functional 5-Color Balance Meal made with TCM 5-element Concepts

Integrating the principles of five-element and five-color balance dietary into our recipes. Suitable for most furry kids’ body constitutions.

Five-color balanced meal comes from the five-color diet of Eastern and Western cultures, as well as the concept of yin and yang combination in Chinese medicine and the balance of five elements.

We applied this concept of healthy diet to fur kids, through extensive intake of five-color ingredients to achieve a healthy balance of the body, While taking into consideration the complementary nature of yin and yang between the physical body and diet. 

Five-color balance is just like a balanced diet, In which five colors must be balanced so that internal organs can be healthy.

Complies with the principle of diverse dietary and brings  delicious food rich in nutrition  

Each Favorite Fresh Pack contains 2 to 4 kinds of meat protein, five-color vegetables, seeds and nuts (different formulae for cats and dogs). Favorite Fresh Pack preserves the moist in the foods and complies with the principle of diverse dietary. It brings our furry kids delicious food rich in nutrition and a satisfying taste.

Open and Eat
the safest choice - preserving nutrients and taste!​

Unopen packages kept in room temperature will keep for up to 18 months. No need for refrigeration or freezing.

Effectively reduced risk of exposure to infection because of variation in temperature control in transportation or storage environment.

Natural10's Fresh Pack : 5 color balance diet for DOGS

Nutrition Facts

“Description of Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio”

The whole series of Natural10's Fresh Pack is a “boneless formula.” In order to avoid the addition of excessive minerals and vitamins that is added to prevent heat damage as a result of sterilization, no additional nutritional supplements are in the Natural10's Fresh Pack.

If used as a complete & balanced food in the long run, please take extra calcium from other sources, or directly mix it with Nutressense Canine Comprehensive Nutrition Supplement.

“One Natural10's Fresh Pack + Nutressense Canine Comprehensive Nutrition Supplement (1g)”
Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio = 1.2: 1 ~ 1.8: 1

“Description of Phosphorus Content”

The phosphorus content of each food package is less than 125 mg / 100 calories, which is a low phosphorus food.

Meat Complementary Diet for DOGS & CATS

Nutrition Facts

You can let your dog eat when going out, eat as a snack, or eat with meals. There are numerous ways of eating.

The Natural10's Fresh Pack is convenient because it can be carried around in room temperature, so you don’t have to worry about dogs not like eating when you travel! Dogs can also eat it with other foods, or you can treat it as a snack, reward, or gift.



Our five insistence!Pet owners are welcome to try our pet food.

With one more step in the process, absorption can be greater

A dog’s digestive ability of plant fibers is poorer when compared with a person. On top of that, because they always devour their food without much chewing, vegetables must be grounded to help their gastrointestinal tract digestion and absorption.



Nutressense- Professional Natural cats and dogs Supplements

We understand senior cats and dogs often require special nutritional care. Or, when health is compromised, they need quick and efficient nutritional supplements. Nutressense is missing piece for the jigsaw of furry companion’s wholesome health. We are founded to cater for our fur family members’ special nutritional needs.

Herbal Meat Puree is made with the care we make human baby foods. We insist on the best quality from food sources to production, from farms to our dinner table. Each jar of meat puree embodies the nutrition that natural food can provide for furry kids. The meat puree is human-grade. It contains no starch. Nor do we use plant-based protein as an inexpensive alternative to animal-based protein. High protein in this jar of puree is easy for furry kids to digest and absorb. Our functional herbal formula adds USDA/EU certificated organic herbs which are natural immune system booster. The puree is sealed in bisphenol A-free glass jars without metal coating. Therefore the puree is stored in a container safer than in a metal one. Our glass jars do not scratch your hands on opening and are easy to store.

Natural10's 100% natural treats for cats and dogs

Whether it is eaten with meals, as a reward, playing games, or satisfying the chewing/biting needs of dogs.We advocate for all natural whole food diets for furry kids with all natural ingredients. We insist on simple food sources that are human grade and slow-baked in low heat. Ours are handmade healthy treats for our furry family like the ones you make in your own kitchen. We insist on: 100% made from premium pure meat No soy protein No starch added No artificial flavors No chemical preservatives All ingredients are healthy, reliably-sourced and no undesirable additions.

Offering additional options to the uninspiring single-meat ones

Tailor-made for various growth functions

Ingredients chosen for our recipes according to the nature of food.

Our recipes pay attention to the balance of ying and yang central to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) dietary therapy, suitable for most cats and dogs with body constitutions.