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Hi ! Nice to Meet You~


Our first dog passed away due to a heart attack. As a result, we dwelled in sorrow for a very long time. On day, an idea popped into our heads, which led us to donate his living items to an animal shelter. To our surprise, we were so comforted and satisfied mentally. At last, we realized that love does not end because of one’s passing, but love needs to be passed on and shared.


Currently, while adhering to notion of “adopt, don’t abandon,” we have a very lively zoo-like family. We deeply understand that the healthiness of a fur kid is the wish of every family. We are also very appreciative of every dog and cat that has walked into to our lives. Because of you, there is Natural10.


‘Our mission in founding Natural10 lies in: extend our love, care for furry companions’ food safety, and nurture the wellbeing of pets and strays. We wish each and every furry kid can live a happy and healthy life, staying with their family of love.


In order to cater for furry companion’s dietary and psychological health, we have founded Natural 10. We believe that health comes from pleasure and holistic balance of the mind, the body and the spirit. As humans, we might mistake the humans’ needs for pets’ needs because the furry kids do not speak our language. As a result, many pet products and concepts about pet diets are based on human preference, not animals’ needs. At Natural 10, we make products which take into account your furry kids’ needs and give them the purest sort of happiness with love, respect and empathy.

Brand concepts

Natural Food Sources

Natural Food SourcesAbsolutely no artificial preservatives and chemical additives in our recipes. Real food for our furry kids for a real sense of gratification

Balance of the Five Elements

Integrating the principles of five-element and five-color balance dietary into our recipes. Suitable for most furry kids’ body constitutions.

Produced in Taiwan

Ingredients mainly sourced domestically (from Taiwan).
Encouragement for local farmers who grow with conscience and heart on our soil.

The concept of environmental protection V.S. environment friendly 

Means that when we prioritize local products, we can reduce CO2 emissions from transportation, making products more environment friendly.

You can’t ignore it, just because only few people are doing it!

Animal feed oil has finally brought forth food safety issues to the people of Taiwan. As it turns out, there are so many issues concerning what we eat that’s worth discussing. Just look at the barrels of nauseous and moldy feed oil that are said to be for animals. That’s why some people start to pay attention to food safety of pets, while others stayed away from pet food altogether.


“You better deal with the human problems first! Who has the time to deal with food safety issues for pets?” This is the first question we encountered after entering the industry. However, this also urged us to stick to what we have always believed in. From formula design, the source of ingredients, to the manufacturing process, everything is executed with the strictest control. Only by achieving completely high specifications will people be convinced!


However, the high cost is another issue. To facilitate the absorption for fur kids, food need to be cut into bite-size. Unfortunately, with more than 70% of water content in fresh meat and vegetables, these bite-size pieces is turned into water after cooking, thus making the product seem cheap in the eyes of the consumers. Even the factory is worried: “You don’t use ingredients that will expand in size and don’t put additives that can retain water either. Won’t the cost be too high?”

“Quality is never to be compromised.” This is the philosophy that brought us together. The high quality of Taiwan’s local agricultural products is the result of the hard work of farmers and herdsmen, which should not lose its fairness in the production and marketing system.


I remember a supplier who said: “We produce and sell our products by ourselves, as well as we control the quality from the source. We only sell meat that we dare to eat, but the price is relatively higher than the average!” His words did not scare us away. Instead, we collaborated with him because we believed in his rigor and sincerity. We understood that this is responsible thing to do.


We perceive dogs and cats as our own children, paying attention to their dietary health, and think carefully about every choice we make for them. Therefore, the product we want to make is food that we all feel at ease to feed our fur kids at home. After all, with so many nutrient-rich ingredients in nature, you can let your pets eat more naturally while at the same time satisfying their satiety. What they need is very simple, that is, full of love and satisfies their satiety.

Therefore, from the very beginning to the present and towards the future, I have always insisted on our original intention, which will never be changed.

Offering additional options to the uninspiring single-meat ones

Tailor-made for various growth functions

Ingredients chosen for our recipes according to the nature of food.

Our recipes pay attention to the balance of ying and yang central to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) dietary therapy, suitable for most cats and dogs with body constitutions.

Offering additional options to the uninspiring single-meat ones

Tailor-made for various growth functions

Ingredients chosen for our recipes according to the nature of food.

Our recipes pay attention to the balance of ying and yang central to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) dietary therapy, suitable for most cats and dogs with body constitutions.

We understand senior cats and dogs often require special nutritional care. Or, when health is compromised, they need quick and efficient nutritional supplements. Nutressense is missing piece for the jigsaw of furry companion’s wholesome health. We are founded to cater for our fur family members’ special nutritional needs.

Herbal Meat Puree is made with the care we make human baby foods. We insist on the best quality from food sources to production, from farms to our dinner table. Each jar of meat puree embodies the nutrition that natural food can provide for furry kids. The meat puree is human-grade. It contains no starch. Nor do we use plant-based protein as an inexpensive alternative to animal-based protein. High protein in this jar of puree is easy for furry kids to digest and absorb. Our functional herbal formula adds USDA/EU certificated organic herbs which are natural immune system booster. The puree is sealed in bisphenol A-free glass jars without metal coating. Therefore the puree is stored in a container safer than in a metal one. Our glass jars do not scratch your hands on opening and are easy to store.

Whether it is eaten with meals, as a reward, playing games, or satisfying the chewing/biting needs of dogs.We advocate for all natural whole food diets for furry kids with all natural ingredients. We insist on simple food sources that are human grade and slow-baked in low heat. Ours are handmade healthy treats for our furry family like the ones you make in your own kitchen. We insist on: 100% made from premium pure meat No soy protein No starch added No artificial flavors No chemical preservatives All ingredients are healthy, reliably-sourced and no undesirable additions.